Actress, Producer, CEO of C Talent  & CC Associates, Equity UK Committee Member for the Deaf & Disabled 


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Keely is an established Actress and Business woman with an array of knowledge and expertise within the entertainment industry. Keely  has worked with many greats during her career so far such as Micheal Caine, Cameron Mackintosh, James Marsh, Crispin Reece, Rupert Gould and many more.

Keely uses her unique passion, training, experience and insight to transform every character she plays, but also… To help other talent pursue their dreams. As well as acting Keely worked as an agent for many years at a well known London based agency.  Keely went on to set up her own Talent Agency in London CC Associates & then expanding to the USA, setting up a Talent Management Company in Hollywood, C Talent, representing disabled and minority talent.  Keely does not stop there, she also produces films and TV projects, with a focus on removing stigmas, increasing inclusion and creating true equality, in font and behind the screen. Keely is a partner in the companies Storm In Motion Pictures, London Media Group and MAA .

Keely is a very proud Disability Advocate and an Ambassador of the #AllIn and #Inclusion movement, is an elected member of Equity UK’s Deaf & Disabled committee, on the BFI’s Advisory board and she is a Co-Founder of The Hope Council, A film and TV fund made from grants to tell poignant stories with a social message and help many charities and lives, Keely believes stories, including yours can change the world. Keely believes stories, including yours can change the world.

Keely believes that the next generation of content creators must talk about things that previously may have been forgotten about or purposely left out due to taboos, that has  consequently caused a wall between communities. Keely’s passion is to create to create change through entertaining and incredible content.

Keely comes from an incredibly supportive family, growing up on a farm, riding horses set her on a great start, she says you need the same determination and ‘get back on the horse’ attitude in the entertainment business. You need fight and to not be afraid of getting you’re hands dirty! In Keely’s teen years she faced many health problems and years in and out of hospitals, multiple surgeries, resulting in life changing circumstances and shifting her perspectives and goals. This has not stopped Keely in any way, only driven her and made her want to help and inspire others who face similar experiences.

“To change society we must learn to tell a new set of stories about the world we want to create”

Keely believes working hard, very VERY hard, doing what others won’t, thinking outside the box and that most importantly being prepared and positive. That is what will get you to where you want to be. No matter what adversity you may face anything is possible if you’re determined enough and you do it with a smile.

“ I Love the Oprah quote!…’ ‘ When preparation meets opportunity… THAT is luck! ”

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I believe to transform society, we must learn to tell, and listen to, a new set of stories about the world we want to create…

Lets make sure this industry is 50/50, lets make sure everyone is treated for their talents and not judged by their individualities. 

I want to make an impact and change lives through stories and this incredible form of art.

Everyone who I work with, both my companies strive for our actors to be seen by the best for the best and push the limited knowledge of society’s views to open and change