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Motivational & Informative Speaking 

Keely is a great example of turning tragedy into prosperity and greatness. A year into her training at a prestigious dance collage Keely got sick… at first thinking, hoping it would pass. When it didn’t go away she went to the doctors, she was told ‘It was all in her head”, and mis diagnosed. For a year Keely was in and out of hospital with no answers and getting sicker. Finally though determination from her and her incredible mum she was listened to, after being diagnosed she was taken in for surgery, which didn’t go to plan… 8 surgeries later her life changed completely. Facing adversity throughout her teen years allowed Keely to get past feeling sorry for herself and to focus on what she could give. Keely now shares […]

Speaking Points

  • Turning your problems into positives, so you have the power
  • Breaking Labels and Stereotypes
  • Handling and over coming adversity 
  • Positive mindset 
  • Goal setting and work ethic
  • Inspire and motivate kids and young adults

Inspiring and motivating kids and young adults is a subject very close to Keely’s heart, they are often going through so much and don’t know how to express it, often suppress it and consequently struggle unnecessarily. We all have battles… it’s how we deal with them that counts. Social media and peer pressure have added negative impact pressure on top of it all, and Keely makes sure she gives them the tools so that they can go away and turn their problems into magic!

When you can relate to someone who has an outside perspective you often….

  • listen more

  • accept easier

  • move on quicker

‘It’s like having another set of eyes and ears to help guide you in your pursuit of a better life.’ Cornell Thomas, Motivational Speaker

Role Models, Mentors and Cheerleaders are key not just in that moment but to take with us through every challenge we face.  


Keely speaks all over the USA and UK to High Schools, Acting Schools, Dance Colleges, at Seminars and on panels.

You can also work with Keely on an individual bases over Skype or in person.

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