Anyone with great passion has a driving force beneath their fire, and a role model to inspire their journey. My family has always been my main source of reason, between my Mum and my Grandpa, I have the best support team.

Paul Zetter CBE, My Grandpa holds a special place within everything I do and aspire to be. He is 97 years of age and through his life, he has influenced many, helped more, and loved all.

With his relentless achievements in the tanks and mores-coding during world war II, then running one of the most famous football pool business’s in the world, ‘Zetter’s Pools’, a family-run company since 1933. My Grandpa was the chairman of the ‘Sports Aid Foundation’, which was established in 1976 and has since helped thousands of young sportspeople on their way to international success, including Sebastian Coe, Torvill, and Dean, David Wilkie to name but a few.

When I was growing up my family and I lived on a farm to West Sussex, UK, My grandpa made this place extra special by creating a magical world. Fairy’s used to come and visit me every week after school and leave gifts for me under the big Oak tree trip down our lane, they used to teach me wonders things, leave me pockets of gold dust, handmade gifts, and notes that made my imagination and heart beam whilst teaching me the wonders of Shakespeare and other greats. 

I can’t justify how amazing he is and anyone reading this who has met him will understand why he is just so special. He is the life and soul of every party and can make friends with anyone, turn a negative into a positive, is modest, wise, generous and his marriage of 65 years with my beloved Grandma is also incredibly admirable.

Honored by the Queen as A Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), Paul Zetter is a magnificent man and my greatest role model, he continues to write poetry every day, go to parties and, lives every second to it’s fullest. I am so proud to be his Granddaughter.