Supporting the Colostomy and Ileostomy association

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I encourage you to follow this link, have a read of what this charity does and donate to help people like me to live there lives to their full potential, even if you can’t donate just think twice before judging someone, like when an ‘able body’ person walks into the disabled bathrooms… invisible disabilities can be complex and completely invisible, everyone is fighting their own battle, no matter how big or small they all justify the same compassion.
I have had a stoma for nearly 5 years and I would like to help and spread awareness, this charity is a source of solace for any person getting a stoma – I was a teenager when I got mine, I was scared, it was a huge unexpected shock, and life changing but it saved my life and does not restrict me in any way shape or form, it has given me a life not taken any part of it away. I’d love to help others deal with the problems and allow them the same feeling as for some dealing with a stoma is not that straight forward.

– Every Thing Happens for a reason… The power of persistent positivity –
As cliche and cheesy as it sounds I do truly believe everything happens for a reason.


I don’t believe in confining myself to the thoughts of others