Supporting the Colostomy and Ileostomy Association.

Navigating the complexities of non-apparent disabilities requires empathy, understanding, and an open mind. Each individual is fighting a unique battle, with struggles both visible and invisible to others. It’s essential to approach every person with the same level of compassion, never hastily assuming their capabilities, needs, or past experiences.

For almost seven years, I’ve lived with a stoma, and I’m committed to raising awareness and cultivating an authentic understanding of life with an Ostomy and chronic illness. It’s a challenging journey, especially when we live in a world that doesn’t always consider our needs or depict our experiences responsibly.

Ostomy UK has been a beacon of comfort and guidance for individuals undergoing stoma surgery. I was just a teenager when I faced this massive, unexpected life shift. It was intimidating and life-altering, but ultimately, it saved me. My Ostomy hasn’t taken away from my life; rather, it’s given me the opportunity to explore, build and thrive.

I don’t believe in confining myself to the thoughts of others.

Keely at the White House standing in front of double doors with USA flags on both sides
Keely at the White House for the Mental Health Youth Action Forum, 2022