Keely is an Actress with an array of knowledge and expertise within the whole entertainment business. Keely has worked with many greats within her acting career so far such as Cameron Mackintosh, James Marsh, Crispin Reece, Rupert Gould and many more.

Keely uses her unique passion and insight to help other talented souls pursue there dreams. As well as acting Keely worked as an agent for many years at a well known London based agency. Keely has since gone on to set up here own Children’s Talent Agency in London (CC Associates) and a Talent Agency representing all types of talent of all ages in Hollywood. (C Talent LLC).

Keely believes working hard, very VERY hard, doing what others won’t, thinking outside the box and most importantly being prepared and positive will get you to where you want to be. No matter what adversity you may face anything is possible if you’re  determined.

Keely said ; ‘ I Love the Oprah quote… ‘ When preparation meets opportunity.. THAT is luck!”

‘Get Seen, Be Seen.. #OnTheScreen 

‘Get In Sight.. #ShineYourLight‘