This Weeks Thoughts

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 16.05.19My mission as an Actress and owner of two entertainment companies is to inspire those who are going through, or have faced adversity. To change perception and change judgmental mind frames. Change is a natural constant in life, the weather, the seasons, the date, your age, look. Some of this you have control over, and some you don’t. As an actor you have to notice the changes in society, you also have to notice what isn’t changing and needs to and that is when you have to be the change.

I feel very strongly that anyone should have a chance to be successful (what ever that means to them) and that the only obstacles they should face are the usual discrepancies life throws at us. Being a certain ethnicity, a certain weight, having a disability should not be a problem for the industry, being different is the new ‘normal’. There are enough challenges as there is, being YOURSELF should not be another.

This mission is my calling, as I persist I will succeed.

#AllIn #Inclusion #NoSuchThingAsNormal #BeTheChange

Poem Of The Week By Paul Zetter

Life is a game we are all born to play
A throw of the dice at the start of each day
A quest for the dream that we long to fulfil
It is there to be won and we know that we will.

The Years will roll on by
As the years always do
We will cherish our memories
And the loved ones we knew.

And look back to yesterday
Pointing the way
Then think of tomorrow
But live for today.

We must play our own game
As we travel along
And live on our hopes
And hope we’re not wrong.

We will find our true love
As we go on our way
And the glory of life
At the end of the day.

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