Time for number 2.. no poo puns involved just yet – roll on the explanation..

So this title leads me to a very special lady who introduced me to my first taste of what good acting actually feels like and opened my mind to a extraordinary way of thinking. ‘Own your Sh<3t' was one of the first ever straight acting classes I took with a inspiring woman Ewa Kolodziejska.
She made makes you realise that what you send out to the universe you get back, its amazing what happens when you change the way you think about situations and people, if you listen more, if you loose self awareness and if you capture and express the right energy you end up in the right places.. and you start to even get free stuff.. honestly.. try it!!
but also that confidence really is key. in everything you do. This amazing person is writing/has written a book that I can't wait to get my hands on and give to a load of people, the more people that can get there heads around the things that Ewa teaches could really be world changing.
Understanding people takes openness and is something to be practiced daily and its only possible if you loose that self awareness. And when you do you pick up on so many wonderful honest moments that allows the art of acting to be the most powerful it possibly can. telling other peoples stories is a huggeee responsibility, I don't think there is a specific technique to acting its what ever works for the individual. its different for everyone, but what ever it is for the individual it never stops being a evolving matter.
I originally signed up to Ewa class because the title make me giggle.. the main reason being that through out the journey of health problems my life literally revolved around sh<3t.. everything happens for a reason right so with out all my sh<3t I would not have found Ewa, the class, the incredible people you meet every time you go (I have made a few of my most closet friends in that class) I also may not have even have carried on pursuing my acting career…
Things happen for reasons and I think this is just one of many situations that backs that up.. sometimes things seem so difficult and unfair at times but one day it will makes sense.. I think the universe has a wonderful but difficult way of putting people in the right places..

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