Crazy Keely Cat life.. FIRST BLOG!!

welcome to having a sneak peek of what happens to me.. the ups the downs the ugly to beauty, exploring life and everything it has to offer as I chase my dreams.

firstly before I start I am extremely bad at spelling and all things languagie.. so if you are after a well written perfectly correct read id maybe pass this one.. having said that if you love correcting grammar you will be in your element.

so who am I and whats this all about.. my name is Keely Cat-Wells and I am a Actress and Talent agent. I love everything to do with the Arts. I grew up on a farm in Sussex and had the most beautiful childhood with the most incredible Grandpa who remains to be my biggest inspiration along with my hero, superstar of a mum, he and she are going to be having blog posts, actually probably a few just about them. – I look back and can only think of smiles, freedom and happiness – except when it comes to school.. I think that is for a whole seperate blog post! :0 on the farm I was constantly surrounded by animals, hard working people (I think this has stayed with me all my life and is always in my subconscious making me the hard worker I am today) I was a comeptive horse rider from a young age and at the age of about 12 was determined I was going to be a jockey – but I attended a theatre class and I was hooked.. the bug was caught – I started off with stagecoach every saterday then slowly making it to bigger things and the natural progression started with going to a big theatre group Songtime, extra lessons, making and writing things myself.. this was a fast paced huge new world and I was by far the smallest, quietest (at first!) (before they got to know me!) person there. I used to be so (actually I still am) the most shyest, self conscious person.. I even used to cry and be scared to leave my adoring mum before every session even though I loved every minute of the classes, we suffer for are Art right!?. my first jobs were pantos then started auditioning for major tv roles after gaining a place on a wonderful agency.
so that was it from that this was going to be my career.
after many trials and tribulations I moved to London at 16 and stared at a dance academy. – 2 years in I started to get unwell and I cut a veryyyyyyyyy long story short ended up having 8 operations during my final year. I got better slowly with some permanent implications mentally and physically (also made for a seperate blog post) and found my way to straight acting again.. I still dance and I still LOVE it but my career is to be a actress.
living In London I have made some incredible connections and done some crazy and cool jobs. I am currently working as a Children’s Talent Agent while auditioning and looking into moving to LA to pursue my acting, and have a special lot of kids on my books – who I totally believe in and I love the trill of thinking I am helping introduce them to this fantastic industry – the job like any thing dose not come with out its difficulties but its an amazing thing to do and I gain so much from it – as I hope some do my kids.. who I literally feel so attached to.. like they are my real kids, I am a huge believer in people doing jobs that they enjoy and that really is the only way to have a fun, and most successful life – if everybody enjoyed what they did think of how different the world would be!? anyway that is also another title for another blog post!

I can’t wait to be sharing my journey with you and hopefully giving you something that will male oyu smile.. because really life just all about that SMILE. I give you one from me right now. now go pass it on.

Keely Cat Kisses

2 thoughts on “Crazy Keely Cat life.. FIRST BLOG!!

  1. Thanks for that Keely. I enjoyed reading about your life and getting insights on how you view the world. Your grammar sucks but you write well, and clearly you have a story to tell. Keep writing!

    I am also so pleased that you like working hard, and that you want a career. Life is a journey enjoy every day as best as you can. I wise old man told me once, and he had been a prisoner of war in Japan, he said however bad your situation always try to find something positive about it. I think your grandpa does that and it’s got him a long way in this life.

    I hope you read this, and I wish you well.


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